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HyperSTE is the leading quality assurance software for standardized documentation. HyperSTE ensures compliance with corporate terminology and style guide rules as an interactive checking tool for the writer, and as a quality measurement tool for the editor.

HyperSTE – Tailored to Your Controlled Language Needs

HyperSTE's profile manager allows you to select different rules for various types of documentation. In addition, HyperSTE allows you to use up to 3 dictionaries at the same time.

HyperSTE – Interactive Feedback
HyperSTE can be integrated as a plug-in with the most common authoring tools, including:
- Arbortext (Epic) Editor
- Adobe FrameMaker
- Microsoft Word
- XMetal

HyperSTE is also available as a stand-alone version for checking PDF files.

To support writers whose native language is different from English, HyperSTE's feedback is also available in languages other than English, including German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

HyperSTE – Reports for Quality Measurement

With HyperSTE's batch checking function, editors can create reports on single or multiple files and generate metrics that give the editor full insight into the compliance level of a (range of) document(s), making the quality of documentation measurable! This function can save up to 30% of a document's review cycle time, reducing your time to market.

HyperSTE—Efficient Conversion of Existing (Legacy) Documentation

No one wants to spend the time or money to rewrite existing documentation to comply with the corporate terminology and style guide rules. However, it is often a necessity to do so. With HyperSTE, this process can be less tedious. HyperSTE generates a report that indicates where the biggest problems are. Based on the report, you can create various profiles (e.g., start with terminology, and gradually add more rules that address the biggest problems first). HyperSTE allows for a more efficient conversion because you can know the issues before you start and plan for their resolution rather than having to rewrite everything .

HyperSTE—Based on an International Writing Standard: Simplified Technical English

When you decide to implement a controlled language for your documentation, there are many corporate style guides or other guidelines available. Choosing the Simplified Technical English specification (ASD-STE100) as a basis, however, offers many benefits:

- Simplified Technical English is derived from an aerospace and defense standard (ASD-STE100). This standard applies to almost all standards that we know today, as these industries are subject to the highest levels of quality and safety and involve technology from many industries.

- Simplified Technical English is a well established international standard (in use since 1986) that was designed by companies worldwide to make technical text easy to understand by both native and non-native English speakers. The STE specification, unlike other standards, looks at the English language from a linguistic point of view, and results in clear, unambiguous English that uses the key principle of one word = one meaning.

- Simplified Technical English strictly adheres to 57 writing rules and a limited vocabulary of approximately 900 approved words and 2,000 non-approved words that have assigned synonyms. Simplified Technical English also allows companies to define their own terminology as required so that companies in any industry can use this well-maintained standard and not have to "reinvent the wheel."

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In-house Translators

Sunyu employs over 400 translators and several patent agents, of whom more than 70% have earned a Master's degree or above. Most of our translators have already acquired solid technical backgrounds and extensive field experience before joining Sunyu.

Practical Experience

Sunyu has engaged in patent-related services for over ten years. In particular, we specialize in the multilingual translation of PCT documents. On average, we are able to handle the translation of over 10,000 PCT and OA cases every year. Over the years, we have translated more than 1.2 billion words.

Strict Confidentiality

Sunyu adheres to strict confidentiality policies and is committed to achieving complete document security.

Advanced Technical Support

Sunyu has developed its own information management system, computer-assisted translation (CAT) software, and a patent database to facilitate interaction between departments, improve the productivity of existing office procedures, and guarantee the confidentiality of all information that we receive from our clients.

Translation SOP

At Sunyu, quality control (QC) is an important aspect of the entire work process. We have established a clear and systematic set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the successful implementation of our QC procedures.

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