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Content Management

A content management system (CMS) is a software database system that allows its users to manage the creation of content for documents, images, and multimedia resources. A CMS allows an organization to create, store, control, and publish different types of publications in different formats using the same information.

All types of documentation can be stored in the database:
- Operator manuals
- Installation manuals
- User guides
- Reference manuals
- Spare parts lists
- Technical specifications
- Product catalogues
- Marketing brochures
- News articles
- Websites
- Legal information
- Other types of documents

The overall idea is to create and translate content once, and reuse it for different types of publications, so that the CMS provides efficiency and cost savings.


HyperDoc is a standardized XML-based content management application that supports the creation, management, and publication of your multilingual product information. HyperDoc's editing and content management solutions offer wide-ranging functionality and are used in many areas of industry, from the creation of marketing material, product catalogs, and technical documentation for engineering and electronics, to the creation of packaging and package inserts in the life sciences industry and context-sensitive online help for software.

HyperDoc's solutions range from standardized solutions to highly configurable systems. We offer powerful out-of-the-box tools, attractive especially to mid-sized companies and small editorial offices. Customers profit from the advantages of HyperDoc and can quickly begin production. Standard functionality for quality assurance, version and variant management, and preconfigured templates in line with today's standards (see below) ensure a high degree of process safety.

HyperDoc simplifies the translation process because it allows translators to concentrate on the text and not worry about layout issues. The layout is replicated from the source language, which alone can save up to 50% of translation costs.

HyperDoc is noteworthy for its flexibility, allowing customers to realize complex projects for company-wide information management. Standards such as PIM or SPL can be implemented easily, as can interactive fleet management systems for the automotive industry. Standardized interfaces for related systems (e.g., for resource planning, translation management, or layout design) allow successive integrations of HyperDoc into your company's IT landscape. A new generation of multilingual information logistics solutions is now available.

    Why Choose Us  
In-house Translators

Sunyu employs over 400 translators and several patent agents, of whom more than 70% have earned a Master's degree or above. Most of our translators have already acquired solid technical backgrounds and extensive field experience before joining Sunyu.

Practical Experience

Sunyu has engaged in patent-related services for over ten years. In particular, we specialize in the multilingual translation of PCT documents. On average, we are able to handle the translation of over 10,000 PCT and OA cases every year. Over the years, we have translated more than 1.2 billion words.

Strict Confidentiality

Sunyu adheres to strict confidentiality policies and is committed to achieving complete document security.

Advanced Technical Support

Sunyu has developed its own information management system, computer-assisted translation (CAT) software, and a patent database to facilitate interaction between departments, improve the productivity of existing office procedures, and guarantee the confidentiality of all information that we receive from our clients.

Translation SOP

At Sunyu, quality control (QC) is an important aspect of the entire work process. We have established a clear and systematic set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the successful implementation of our QC procedures.

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