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Sunyu Wins "2010 Nanjing Commercial Work: Outstanding Enterprise" Award
Sunyu Awarded "2010 Outstanding Enterprise Headquarters", "Outstanding Open Economy Enterprise" and "Outstanding Private Enterprise"
Former Deputy Director of Compilation and Translation Bureau of the CPCCC Visited Sunyu
Sunyu acquires ISO 27001 certification
Sunyu Invited to Nanjing Service Outsourcing Forum for Key Enterprises
Sunyu Becomes Executive Member of the Nanjing Jianye Branch of the China Chamber of International Commerce
Governor of Jianye District Visits Sunyu
Leaders from Sanjiang University Hold Cooperation Talks with Sunyu
Delegate from 12th EU-China Summit Visits Sunyu
Sunyu Becomes Official Off-Site Internship Base for Southeast University
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Sunyu Becomes Official Off-Site Internship Base for Southeast University

In October, 2009, a Southeast University Off-Site Internship Base was officially established at Sunyu Information Technology Limited Company. Sunyu will continue to further its cooperation with the school by providing internship opportunities and a platform for college students to improve their work abilities.

Southeast University has a long history of foreign language education, dating back to 1923, when different languages, including English, German, French and Japanese, comprised its Foreign Language and Literature Department. The School of Foreign Languages has produced a great number of distinguished scholars and talents throughout its history. Jiangsu Sunyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. entered the translation industry in 1996, specializing in providing translation, localization, market research, and interpretation services, with patent translation as its core focus. To date, Sunyu has employed over 200 translators and several patent agents, over 70% of whom hold a Master's degree or above. When expanding our translation services, we hope that more talents will hear about Sunyu and join our team.

Invited by the School of Foreign Languages of Southeast University, Sunyu signed an agreement to become one of the school's off-site internship bases. Based on mutual development and improvement, Sunyu will provide mentors for the interns to train them and help them grow. Some of them may be offered jobs upon completion of their internships. The School of Foreign Languages also plans to accept Sunyu employees into short-term study programs for language and related subjects. With its unique advantages, the school will assist Sunyu in strengthening its academic abilities and succeeding in applying for national projects. Both the School and Sunyu hope that today's college students will be able to gain more real-world experience and be ready for their future careers.

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