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Sunyu Wins "2010 Nanjing Commercial Work: Outstanding Enterprise" Award
Sunyu Awarded "2010 Outstanding Enterprise Headquarters", "Outstanding Open Economy Enterprise" and "Outstanding Private Enterprise"
Former Deputy Director of Compilation and Translation Bureau of the CPCCC Visited Sunyu
Sunyu acquires ISO 27001 certification
Sunyu Invited to Nanjing Service Outsourcing Forum for Key Enterprises
Sunyu Becomes Executive Member of the Nanjing Jianye Branch of the China Chamber of International Commerce
Governor of Jianye District Visits Sunyu
Leaders from Sanjiang University Hold Cooperation Talks with Sunyu
Delegate from 12th EU-China Summit Visits Sunyu
Sunyu Becomes Official Off-Site Internship Base for Southeast University
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Sunyu Invited to "Welcome YOG, Participate in YOG-Olympic Flag Jianye Relay-Flag Welcome from the New Town Science and Technology Park" Activity
In celebration of the one year anniversary of Nanjing's successful bid for the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games and at the request of the district CCPC and district government, the New Town Science and Technology Park held the "Welcome YOG, Participate in YOG-Olympic Flag Jianye Relay-Flag Welcome from the New Town Science and Technology Park" activity at 10:00 am on February 15. The activity was honored by the presence of leaders within the Jianye district CCPC, district government and the New Town Science and Technology Park as well as young representatives from various enterprises in the Science and Technology Park. Our company was also invited to take part in the event.
After the activity started, the Secretary of the CPC Work Committee took the Olympic Flag from the main flag bearer for Jianye district, indicating the official start of the first station of the Jianye district flag relay. Exciting performances by representatives of enterprises from the Park brought the flag welcome ceremony to its climax. The "Sunyu Health Exercise" performed by six employees from our company adequately represented Sunyu's positive and healthy spirit and was applauded by the audience of hundreds.
At 4:00 am on February 11, 2010, the 122nd International Olympic Committee Session decided in Vancouver to elect Nanjing, China as the host city for the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014. This grand sporting event will represent not only Jiangsu, but China as well. Officers from the Nanjing Foreign Affairs Office expressed their wish that our company would undertake the language service project for the 2nd World Youth Olympic Games. This represents great encouragement and trust for Sunyu as well as a major opportunity for development. We have an obligation and ability to assume this important responsibility to showcase the best image of Nanjing to the world.
Speeches from Jianye District Officers
Sunyu employees demonstrating workplace exercises
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